Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immortality: Virgil, like all celestial beings, is not subjected to time, aging, or diseases, and doesn't need to breathe, eat, or sleep to sustain himself. Virgil does, however, like all celestial beings because they're all siblings of one another, age and mature, as he was created sometime after the four archangels were.

Angeilc Possession: Virgil, like all celestial beings, requires a human vessel in order to physically interact with humans on Earth, as it is a law that applies for all angelic beings.

Invulnerability: Virgil, like all angels, is resistent to most forms of harm, and can't even be harmed by a vast majority of beings including demons, but he can be greatly damaged by angelic weapons, or while fighting other angels. Any one of the four archangels can kill Virgil easily, although he is currently allied with Raphael.

Super Strength: Virgil, like all angels, dramatically increases the strength threashold of his host.

Healing Factor: When Virgil's vessel does get damaged by something angelic, he can heal the wound(s) instantly.

Telepathy: Virgil, like all angels, can read human thoughts.

  • Dreamwalking: Virgil, like all angels, can enter the dreams and mind of humans.

Teleportaion: Virgil, like all celestial beings, can vanish and reappear anywhere in time, space, and any place on the face of the Earth except for places that are covered in Enochian 'symbols.

Telekinesis: Castiel, like all angels, possesses telekinesis, as he is able to move humans, objects, and other beings just by thinking.

Superhuman Intelligence: Virgil possesses an immense amount of knowledge about planets, the Milky Way Galaxy, humans, witches, and about occult and angelic orientated stuff. Also, Virgil, as the former manager and protector of God's Weapons, possesses a heightened knowledge about how they work and function. He, as an angel, also has some understading of Hell and how it works, as some of his fellow angels Castiel and Uriel, traveled there to rescue Dean Winchester.

Induced Sedation: Virgil, like all angels, can cause humans to fall to the ground unconscious just by touching their forehead.

Reality Warping: Although Virgil has never shown the ability to warp reality, but he has on one ocassion entered another wormhole created by Balthazar to kill Dean and Sam, and to obtain the weapons. He currently resides in Earth-2, the alternate world, and as such, has no angelic powers and abilities.